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Our Outcomes (hover over for more information):

Our Study Aims

These are our aims and the data we will collect

Hover over each aim to see how we will collect this:

Measured as a proportion of those who proceed after they receive their pre-test information

Uptake of Genetic Testing

Knowledge of BRCA-gene testing

We will use a study-specific questionnaire designed to test knowledge in key areas of genetic susceptibility awareness of breast and ovarian cancer

Anxiety around genetic testing

Measured with the Spielberger state-trait anxiety inventory 55 (STAI55) and the short form Intolerance of Uncertainty scale 56

Decline due to lack of access

Access to digital platform may be a reason patients decline. We assess this from a completed Expression of Interest form posted into the secure study hub boxes.

Test offer-to-results time

This is the time taken from offer of the genetic test to results being recieved - we will compare study timings to an audit of standard timing at each site.

Helpline Usage

We will operate a helpline patients can call 9-5, weekdays. Useage will be assessed from a central log of these calls.

Healthcare Professional Satisfaction

Assessed with a study-specific survey sent to involved healthcare professionals

Patient Satisfaction

Measured with a digital survey sent to patients after they receive their test results

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